Founded in 2017, Made in Barnsley Ltd is a new business with new Directors that have a personal interest not just in the Mining Industry and the history that it offers, but in Barnsley – the place and its strong links with mining. They are also the latest tenants to benefit from the facilities in the Mapplewell and Staincross Village Hall.

Their focus is to satisfy a growing demand in the supply of printed banners, replicating the mining banners of yesteryear at significantly reduced costs. They achieve this by printing images and designs, including photographic images, directly onto large fabrics that can then be stitched together with dramatic effect.

As a new business, their online presence is still limited so ‘watch this space’ as ‘Made in Barnsley’ starts to make its impact  throughout the UK and beyond. 


Understanding of the digital textile market

Although digital printing onto fabric works in the same way as any office type ink-jet printers, fabric has always been inherently more difficult to print due to its flexible nature.

The level of flexibility varies from warp to weft and with each weave, so guiding the fabric under digital printer heads has proven to be very challenging. 

Before any printing is carried out, the designs need to be developed in a digital format that can be read by the computer softwares, systems and digital printing process.


Their objectives are quite simple; To build a reputation amongst businesses and consumers as the most knowledgeable, reliable and quality driven company in the digital textile printing industry in the north of England.

Innovation is one key area and strength on and the brand Attitude. It will help find new ways to improve products and services with new eco dye colours printed onto new textiles British made.




The longer term objective is to offer a full branding / personalised design production facility to provide everything from Scaffolding Nets for high street projects wanting a strong brand image right down to to personalised items such as small bunting or t-shirts – and everything in between.