News Release – On Target For Future Success

A Darton College pupil is on target to become one of Staincross Rifle & Pistol Club’s top performers in this year’s Leeds and District Rifle Association league for small bore shooting.

For Jana Saveljeva, 15, is the youngest female member of the Mapplewell based shooting club selected to represent them for this Yorkshire based competition that runs every year.

Barry Johnson MBE and club secretary, said: “Jana has been shooting for more than 18 months and has developed her own stance which is quite unique to her. In many ways it contravenes common and accepted practices for this style of shooting but with scores consistently between 94 and 98 out of a hundred, then in this case the motto has to be, if it works – don’t change it.”

“Over the next six months that the competition runs, we are expecting Jana to finish as one of the top scorers in the mixed league which is open to any age group and involves a large number of rifle and revolver clubs throughout the Yorkshire region,” he added.

As one of the youngest members of the rifle club, Jana is pioneering the way for young girls to succeed in what is still seen as a ‘male dominated’ environment. But, in a sport in which all that is needed is a steady hand and a good eye, Barry is hoping that Jana’s success will encourage more girls into competitive shooting and into the Mapplewell and Staincross Village Hall based club.

Jana, a girl who would prefer to let her rifle and scores do the talking, simply commented, “I shoot as a form of stress relief.

“To get the best results I need to have self-control and discipline so as to be able to focus on the target and squeeze the trigger gently. The slightest distraction or loss of attention for that critical moment can be the difference between hitting my target or missing it completely,” she added.

Staincross Rifle and Pistol club meet Monday to Thursday evening at the rear of the Village Hall but anyone wanting to join can call 07873 412724 for more details.


Photo Caption: Jana is on target for future success with the Staincross Rifle and Pistol club